Welcome to Eemelivaappu´s webshop!

As Eemelivaaput is manufactured using traditional handmade methods, the production volume is limited. The production size has also been kept limited because Eemelivaaput wants to offer you only the best: you get high-quality wobblers made with passion and skill.

Our range currently includes two models for you to choose from.

By clicking on the image, you can view color choices.

Eemelivaappu Original 60mm

Good choice for every occasion. You catch salmon and trout regardless of place and season. Strong-kicking, seeking and well stream power resistant. Swimming can be adjusted according to the situation.

Eemelivaappu Junior 55mm

A real precision weapon for salmon fishing. Frequent swimming, well stream power resistant and a little searching. The model is specially designed for warm water salmon fishing. However, it works for all salmonids all year round.

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