Wobbler tuning

The swimming of the Eemelivaappu is pre-tuned, but if you want to adjust the swim to your liking, you may need these instructions.

Fortunately, wobbler tuning is simple:

If the wobbler turns on its left side during swimming; the nose loop should be bent to the right (The nose loop is the part of the wobbler to which the line is attached). And the same thing the other way around. So always turn /bend the node loop to the opposite direction.

If you want the wobbler to swim more; turn the nose loop down. When the nose loop is turned upwards, the effect is reversed.

In addition to tuning the nose loop, the swimming of the wobbler can be adjusted by turning the swimming plate. However, this must be done with real caution. The swimming plate can also be slightly heated before adjusting.

When adjusting the swimming plate, the same rules apply as when adjusting the nose loop, i.e. when turning downwards, the wobbler movement increases and when turned upwards, the swimming is more steady.

Wobbler tuning /adjustment is very precise work. You should start tuning with small adjustments, take it easy, little by little.

Small, narrow-tipped pliers are best suited for tuning. Also, be careful with the wobbler hooks during the adjustment process.

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